Take a trip down the Turquoise Trail in New Mexico

January 3, 2011 12:00 AM

The southwestern part of the United States is known for its desert landscape, canyon vistas and rocky outcroppings. Travelers on a road trip to New Mexico might be interested in visiting the normal sights, but we have a secret to share.

On our road trip across America, after an overnight camping jaunt in Santa Fe, we came upon the Turquoise Trail. Our destination was the Grand Canyon via Albuquerque and I-40, but instead of taking the boring route down I-25 between New Mexico's capital and its largest city, we pulled off onto the scenic byway named for its history as a mining spot for the blue-green gem.

Starting in Santa Fe, we immediately knew that getting off the freeway was the best choice. Soon, we were driving along mountain crests looking at the high desert and some of the most beautiful flora we had ever seen.

We didn't stop anywhere as we were on a tight schedule, but the 90-minute journey was something that can only be seen in New Mexico. Around every corner was a surprise, whether it be a majestic peak or an artist community, the Turquoise Trail never failed to delight us as drivers.

So next time you're in Santa Fe, hop on the Turquoise Trail, you won't regret it.

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