Take a road trip on the Turquoise Trail

February 22, 2012 12:00 AM

There are many famous roads throughout America, but some have become known for their stunning natural beauty. The Turquoise Trail, a National Scenic Byway located in New Mexico, is one such highway.

Connecting Albuquerque and Santa Fe, this road takes its drivers through some amazing natural rock formations that have to be seen to be believed. The so-called "Garden of the Gods," where the rocks have been pushed into vertical formations due to erosion over time, is one example of this beauty.

While the view is great from the ground, those traveling the road on a trip should spend some time on Sandia Peak. This mountain serves as a ski area in the wintertime, but those who visit in the summer can still take the tram up to the summit. This provides one of the best views for miles and makes for a great photo opportunity.

Visitors will also find plenty of small towns with dirt roads and adobe-bricked buildings that look straight out of Hollywood. The small town of Cerillos is picturesque and offers some great Southwestern cuisine.

Before setting out on a road trip, it's beneficial to take care of any car repairs or auto maintenance you may have been putting off, as a mechanical problem could ruin a trip quickly.

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