Survey shows what drivers want out of their infotainment

November 4, 2011 12:00 AM

A recent survey by Harman found that drivers will embrace new technology and infotainment systems, as long as it all connects together.

The survey found that 68 percent of drivers want technology that seamlessly integrates with their existing devices, such as smartphones and MP3 players. Approximately 72 percent also indicated that they want a centralized system that could control everything rather than using different buttons for each vehicle process. Preferably, this system would be controlled by voice - something that 70 percent of drivers want.

"Drivers are saying they want technology to be intuitive and easy to manage," said Sachin Lawande, executive vice president for Harman. "People already use technology in their cars, but the experience is not optimal because so many things - from GPS to Bluetooth calls - are still managed separately. This survey clearly tells us that vehicle technology needs to keep improving to make managing busy lives easier."

Still, safety was considered to be a big factor. Approximately 98 percent of respondents characterized staying safe as the most important thing when driving. Thus, any new infotainment systems must be easily controlled by voice or in such a way that the driver can keep his eyes on the road.

Staying focused is one way to prevent accidents, but another is keeping up with auto maintenance. Prioritizing regular brake service & repair and other critical aspects of a vehicle can help drivers avoid collisions due to mechanical failures.

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