Survey: Men use GPS more than women

July 31, 2012 12:00 AM

Men tend to have earned the reputation for never asking for directions, even if they get hopelessly lost. However, a new survey out of Australia indicates men are actually more willing to listen to directions than women - if they're coming from their GPS, reports Adelaide Now.

"It was a point of honor, sometimes known as stubbornness, that men didn't want to admit they didn't know where they were going," Australian Association for Motor Insurers (AAMI) spokesman Reuben Atchison told the news source.

The AAMI's survey examined the propensity to use GPS systems among both men and women. The study showed that 64 percent of men relied on their GPS units to get around, compared to just 50 percent of women. The survey also showed that younger people of both sexes were the most likely to turn to their GPS units for directions.

GPS units can be great for summer road trips, but they're quite useless if the car breaks down. Both men and women should be sure their car is in working order first and foremost by keeping up with vehicle maintenance.

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