Survey: Consumers intrigued by infotainment, but hope to avoid distraction

October 26, 2011 12:00 AM

A recent survey by Altman Vilandrie & Company shows that while drivers are interested in new "infotainment" systems, they are also concerned about getting distracted while driving.

Approximately half of the respondents in the survey said that getting distracted while driving would discourage them from using such systems, showing that consumers still prioritize safety when it comes to these new features. Still, these systems were popular amongst younger drivers, with 40 percent saying that the presence of such systems would strongly influence their purchase - roughly double that of older drivers.

"The car is the new frontier for wireless devices and new technologies, but drivers are clear they don't want it to be the Wild West," said Altman Vilandrie & Company Director Jonathan Hurd, who oversaw the research. "The desire for new cool technologies is balanced by concerns over safety, so the manufacturers that best balance these conflicting priorities will enjoy success in this burgeoning market."

Driving safely and avoiding distraction is one way to prevent accidents, but even good behavior behind the wheel can't stop things like your tires blowing out or your brakes not working properly. Owners who keep up with their auto maintenance, such as brake service and buying new tires regularly, can ensure that they avoid crashes due to mechanical failure.

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