Supermodel drives a Prius therefore, we must too

February 8, 2011 12:00 AM

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer, well-known for fashion show appearances during the 1990s, the film "Love Actually" and most recently the Salvatore Ferragamo ad campaign, was spotted driving a Prius in London, reports

Proving that she cares about the environment, Schiffer was photographed twice in one week picking up her children from school.

The black Toyota Prius is a hybrid electic mid-size vehicle and is considered one of the cleanest cars on the road today.

"One thing is for sure," says the website. "If her name is part of the equation, the Japanese hybrid instantly becomes much more appealing than it actually is." It's true...Schiffer is still one of the prettiest women to this day.

Both CelebrityCarsBlog, which snapped the photos, and autoevolution, who reported it, do not like the Toyota Prius, but we fail to see the problem with it. It's green and Claudia Schiffer drives one... is there really any question on whether this a good car or not?

MSN Auto at least explains why the two blog sites are haters. "But for someone who enjoys driving, the Prius still has nothing to offer; the only enjoyment comes from achieving a high mpg number. On the road, the car feels clunky and awkward." Ouch.

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