Super Bowl ads nearly sold out

January 2, 2013 12:00 AM

The Super Bowl, largely known as one of the premiere nights of television for individuals and businesses in the U.S., is close to selling out of all its ad slots. CBS claims that it only has two 30-second spots left for the event, and those could be sold at any time, with each spot selling for a record rate of $3.8 million, according to USA Today

Audience members can expect some new trends during the breaks of the big game. Lots of new advertisers will join the ranks of commercial veterans like Ford, Honda and Acura, each of which have spent big money in recent years to create over-the-top ads with recognizable celebrity endorsers. Spectators should also prepare themselves for some potentially risqué commercials, as the news source reports that more than one preliminary ad had to be sent back for re-editing. Longer spots and social media integration are also expected to play major roles in the upcoming extravaganza, the news source reports.

Many car brands find that the Super Bowl is a worthwhile investment, as the majority of them use the national exposure as a way to lower the age of their consumer, ESPN reports. Car companies are more likely to use celebrities and comedy to draw attention to their ads and make the automobiles seem more desirable, rather than focus on things like vehicle maintenance or fuel efficiency, which may attract a slightly older crowd. 

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