Subaru survives journey to bottom of a lake

June 8, 2012 12:00 AM

Everyone knows water damage can completely ruin a car, so nobody would expect a vehicle that was driven to the bottom of a lake would be able to start right back up on the first try. Yet that's exactly what happened to a 1996 Subaru Legacy in Finland.

According to Hooniverse, the owner of the car drove his Legacy onto the ice of a small lake in Finland for some ice fishing. Unfortunately, the ice wasn't strong enough to support the car and the vehicle went in nose-first. The owner managed to turn off the engine and escape the sinking car with his three dogs. Once winter was over, he returned to see what had become of the car.

After removing the vehicle from the lake, the owner gave the car a quick tune up by replacing the spark plugs. He also saw that the fuel was now about "70 percent water." Without performing any other maintenance, he turned the key in the ignition. And the old Legacy fired right up as if nothing happened.

The owner reports he's been able to drive with the car since rescuing it from the lake, although the water in the fuel system has taken a toll on the vehicle's performance. Still, it's an amazing story for a car that was likely headed for the scrapheap otherwise.

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