Study: Women better drivers than men

May 18, 2012 12:00 AM

A new study by internet auto insurance provider has found women to be better drivers than men - and it's not really very close.

The study looked into ticket, accident and insurance quote data over the years to see which of the two genders was involved in more incidents. According to the statistics, 80 percent of all fatal or serious car crashes are caused by men. Overall, women are 27 percent less likely than men to cause an accident.

Traffic violations were also more common among men than women, with males racking up tickets for speeding, seat belt violations and reckless driving. And when it comes to the most dangerous driving of all - driving under the influence - men outnumber women by more than 3 to 1.

"As a man, it's tough to admit," said CEO James Shaffer. "But if you look at the statistics, females are better drivers... by a long shot! It's almost scary how bad the average American man is at driving. Blame it on whatever you want – high testosterone, higher propensity to take risks, or higher levels of aggression, but the fact remains – men simply make too many mistakes behind the wheel."

No matter what gender you are, the risk of an accident is higher if you don't take care of your vehicle. Be sure to get regular car tune ups, brake service and check your tires to keep your car free of flaws and avoid accidents.

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