Study shows most drivers are OK with hands-free tech

January 27, 2015 06:01 PM
One of the biggest issues plaguing people on the roads is distracted driving. Whether motorists are trying to placate passengers or complete some complicated task on a smartphone, their focus is frequently pulled from the roads toward other areas. This may seem like a minor inconvenience in the moment, but it could lead to severe problems and dangerous situations. As a result, many motorists are searching for ways to be safer behind the wheel. Hands-free technology is good with drivers A recent study from examined how Americans feel about cellphone use when driving. According to the survey, about half of people think using a phone in the driver's seat is acceptable as long as it's hands-free. Only 8 percent of people believe that there should be no restrictions regarding the use of these devices, while the remaining 42 percent reported supporting a total ban on phones. Know the law Although drivers may be OK with using certain devices behind the wheel, that doesn't mean law enforcement is. In fact, a number of states, such as Indiana and Texas, are pushing to limit drivers to only hands-free electronics. Motorists should brush up on the rules in their area so they know what they're allowed to do on the roads. Currently, there are only 10 states where there are no regulations on cellphone use, so most drivers must be aware of at least a few restrictions. "Laws on using cellphones while driving vary from state to state," said Stephanie Rahlfs, an attorney-editor at "So it's important to know the applicable law in the state where you are driving. This is particularly important because cellphone laws are primary enforcement laws, meaning an officer can issue a citation for illegal use of a cellphone without any other traffic offense taking place." Avoid any related issues In-car technology can be a huge boost to drivers who want to stay focused on the road ahead. However, complex infotainment systems need to be cared for to ensure they're operating properly at all times. Sticking to a scheduled maintenance plan is key, as this will guarantee that features are functioning as they should. This is incredibly important when relying on systems for navigation or communication. Professionals at an auto repair franchise will have the knowledge and skills necessary to fix any bugs and keep your hands on the wheel.
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