Study says 56 percent of Americans believe all cars will be electric by 2033

October 18, 2013 12:00 AM

Hankook Tire's fall quarterly Gauge Index revealed that 56 percent of Americans believe that within the next 20 years all cars will become hybrid or electric. This is an interesting discovery considering that electric and hybrid vehicles still make up only 4 percent of cars sold today, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Association.

The study also found other revealing statistics that show more Americans are starting to adopt the future of vehicle maintenance and design. According to the study, 54 percent of people think in the next 20 years cars will communicate with each other on the road, 52 percent think cars will be able to drive themselves and a whopping 75 percent think they will have airless tires on their cars by 2033. Airless tires may seem like such an odd thought, seeing how the consumer use of such a product remains far into the future, but that is not the case. Polaris recently told Fox News that we could see airless tires on the consumer level within six months

Hankook Tire also has their own airless tire concept called the Hankook iFlex. According to Hankook Tire, their concept targets low-rolling resistance, which promotes vehicle fuel efficiency. 

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