Study reveals parking trends

June 25, 2012 12:00 AM

When it comes to driving, most people don't pay much attention to parking the car. However, a recent study from the International Parking Institute (IPI) highlights just how important parking is to the overall driving experience.

According to the IPI, cars spend 90 percent of the time parked. Yet finding the perfect spot can lead to frustration for many drivers, especially in crowded cities. The IPI's study revealed that 30 percent of cars circling a city at any given time are drivers looking for parking. The group is dedicated to finding new technological advancements that can make that task easier.

"If we can cut the time it takes drivers to find a parking spot by even a fraction, the difference in our carbon footprint is meaningful," said Casey Jones, chairman of the IPI. "And, that's what many new technologies are making possible."

Some of these technologies include new guidance systems that will highlight open parking spaces on crowded streets and in garages and lots. Parking professionals are also working on adopting conveniences such as automatic payments so drivers can cut down on their time dealing with parking.

Although drivers may park their car more than they drive it, that doesn't mean they can neglect vehicle maintenance. Brake service and properly inflating tires can ensure cars stay on the road longer.

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