Study: Passengers provide the biggest distractions

November 1, 2011 12:00 AM

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating new infotainment systems to ensure that they don't distract drivers on the road, but the biggest distractions may actually come from another source - the passengers themselves.

A recent study by the UK-based RED Driving School found that it was actually other people who were the biggest source of distraction in a car. Approximately 31 percent of drivers said that having kids in the car with them provided the largest distraction. Meanwhile, 28 percent said that comments from backseat drivers were the most distracting.

Cell phones came in third, at 20 percent, although many states are beginning to ban their use in the car. Automakers are looking into ways to integrate hands-free devices into their systems so that drivers don't need to be pressing buttons while driving.

"There will always be distractions while driving, but it is important for the drivers to learn to avoid or reduce as many of these elements as they can, not only while learning to drive but after they've passed their test," said Dominic Cohen of RED Driving School.

Staying focused on the road is one way to prevent accidents, but drivers also need to keep up with their auto maintenance to ensure that they don't run into any mechanical issues while driving. Things like brake service & repair can help spot problems and avoid collisions.

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