Study examines how genders view cars

January 13, 2014 12:00 AM

Naming your car may not be something you brag about, but many more drivers do this practice than you probably think. 

DMEautomotive recently conducted a study focusing on how different people approach their relationship with their cars. According to the data, an estimated 50 million drivers name their vehicles, with a large number of the monikers - about 1 in 4 - beginning with the letter "B." 

Women are more likely to name a vehicle than men, and about 88 percent of those women view their cars as female as well. Men are more split on the gender of an automobile, with approximately 55 percent seeing it as a female and 45 percent viewing a car as a male. These findings are drastically different from some accepted stereotypes, many of which associate men with caring deeply for vehicles. 

"This research provides a different insight: women are significantly more likely to christen their vehicles, and also associate a female gender with them, while more men perceive their vehicles as male," said Doug Van Sach, a vice president of DMEautomotive.

Although some may think that naming a car is an odd practice, it can actually help with things like vehicle maintenance. Drivers who form a connection with an automobile are more likely to care for it and make sure it receives any necessary car repair, which can extend the live of the vehicle.

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