Student-run Project Ignition educates on vehicle safety

September 30, 2011 12:00 AM

Anyone who has a teenage son or daughter knows that getting them to listen to authority can be a tough challenge. Still, there are important messages that teens need to hear, especially when it comes to vehicle safety.

Funded by State Farm and coordinated by the National Youth Leadership Council, Project Ignition is designed to educate students by using the people they respect the most: their peers. This student-to-student teaching program has launched at schools across the country, where kids are teaching other kids about the dangers of drinking and driving along with other hazardous road behavior.

"Teens are the new generation with a strong voice," said Project Ignition student Taylor Mock. "The more we continue to speak out about this issue the more people, young and old, will listen. We do have an impact on all ages."

Students from the program are also educating parents about the best ways they can talk to their kids and get them to actually listen.

Driving safely is obviously a big part of avoiding accidents. However, it also pays to invest in car maintenance, like regular brake service and tire rotation, to ensure that no crashes are caused by a mechanical error.

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