Stay safe when driving on holidays

March 14, 2013 12:00 AM

With St. Patrick's Day and Easter right around the corner, many drivers are probably gearing up to celebrate the beloved holidays with family and friends. Any type of partygoer should be aware of the dangers on the roads that pop up during these festivities to stay safe when driving. 

According to Alcohol Monitoring Systems, drunk driving violations are expected to increase by about 23 percent during the St. Patrick's Day weekend when compared to the average rate throughout the rest of the year. Because of the increase in revelers and potential impaired drivers, law enforcement will be out in full force, and people should be aware of the dangers they impose to themselves and others if they choose to get behind the wheel after drinking. Citations, auto repair and personal injuries are only a few of the side effects that could come from these choices. 

"We want people to enjoy the celebration, but we encourage them to do so responsibly," said Colonel John Born, Highway Patrol superintendent, as quoted by Vinton Daily. "Don't press your luck - designate a sober driver." 

Easter may not have the same party atmosphere as St. Patrick's Day, but there will likely be more people traveling on the roads to attend a family get together, and drivers should stay conscious of the increased traffic to keep themselves safe. 

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