Spotify music player coming to automobiles

December 28, 2012 12:00 AM

Nothing completes a road trip like the perfect music playlist, and some drivers may soon be gaining special features that make it easier than ever to play your favorite tunes. The popular music platform Spotify is teaming up with Volvo and Ericsson to bring integration to all vehicles.

According to AutoBlog, Ericsson will provide its Connected Vehicle Cloud service, which is an application used to connect informational and entertainment devices to a car, to Volvo, and Spotify will be a part of that package. The music provider can currently be accessed through an app on a mobile device and streamed through car speakers, but as of now can't be streamed an interface located on the car itself.

While the full system won't be available until sometime around 2016, drivers can still take advantage of more recent car repair updates that keep electronic devices in sync with their rides. Manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Audi have joined in partnerships with technology companies like Hughes Telematics, Sprint and T-Mobile, respectively, which may be ushering in a new era of car connectivity, Wired reports.

The three Swedish companies have yet to finalize their deal, but the agreement is "imminent," the news source reports. 

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