Speak like a SoCal driver

December 30, 2010 12:00 AM

While countries have a Mother tongue, many places within their boundaries have a number of dialects.

Have you ever traveled to Southern California? They have their own dialect just for driving, says Jonny Lieberman, car enthusiast. It's true.

When visitors come to LA or anywhere in the surrounding area, they will need a car. Supposedly, public transportation reaches all of LA country, but it practically takes three days to do it.

Los Angeles presents a problem to newcomers, however. It's a labyrinth of roads and highways many of which have similar names and digits.

You see, all Southern Californians turn route numbers into names. Take, for instance, interstate 405. In LA this is referred to as "THE 405." Highway 5? "The 5." Some have names that have nothing to do with their numbers - for example, the 110 is called the Harbor. The 101 towards Hollywood is, you guessed it, The Hollywood Freeway.

Many visitors might wonder why LA has such an affinity for roads. There's no real reason, but the fact that everyone needs a car to get around doesn't hurt.

So when you get to LA don't be surprised when someone tells you to take "the 101 to Sunset" and have no clue what's going on. Sunset is the exit... they don't have numbers for those either.

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