Snow tires can help in icy situations

December 21, 2012 12:00 AM

With much of the Midwest facing the threat of a huge winter storm, drivers across the U.S. are starting to turn their minds toward snow preparation for the upcoming season. Spin outs and accidents are common problems that occur when ice and snow accumulates on the roads, but these issues and the auto repair that stems from them are preventable with the use of snow tires.

According to AOL Autos, those who live in climates where the temperature routinely drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can improve their safety with winter tires. All-season tires can provide adequate protection in less-than-ideal driving conditions, but their overall performance is the equivalent of half-worn snow tires, and that drops as the regular wheels wear down.

Winter tires are made with a special tread pattern that is designed for traction and a softer rubber compound that improves grip on roads. Owners of vehicles with rear-world drive should employ snow tires to help move their cars on icy pavements and avoid accidents, while those with all-wheel drive automobiles can consider the change to improve their braking.

To make sure all tires and other winter accessories are properly installed and in good condition, drivers should head to an auto repair franchise and have professionals handle the car care. 

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