Smart ForTwo featured as a disco machine in new film

March 18, 2011 12:00 AM

Several vehicles have gotten the chance to act on the screen - Herbie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Cars, etc, - but none of them have been able to work as a disco ball on film, until now, reports MotorTrend.

That's right, a techno band from Germany used their creative input to the max by turning their Smart ForTwo into a glittering disco ball for a short movie they were making. According to the source, Smart created the car themselves for the European pop group Apparatjik.

The New York Times reports that the band approached Smart cars to sponsor their upcoming tour and the art project developed during talks between the two parties.

The movie is about an eco-friendly car covered in mirror plates driving around Berlin, "creating a kaleidoscopic effect that is looped with the band’s music," states the New York Times.

"[Apparatjik] came up with the idea of doing the movie with the car," said Michael Fischer, one of the project's spokespeople in the Times. "They are all eco-conscious. Magne was driving an electric car 20 years ago in Norway."

Drivers can see the video on YouTube.

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