Smart For-Us merges subcompact and pickup

December 9, 2011 12:00 AM

The Smart ForTwo is already quite a unique vehicle, as it's significantly smaller than most other models. However, the team behind the car isn't stopping there, and recently revealed sketches of a new concept called the Smart For-Us.

The For-Us takes the basic architecture of the electric ForTwo, which goes on sale next year, and adds a small pickup bed in the back. The wheelbase of the For-Us is longer than the ForTwo, but still signficantly shorter than traditional pickup trucks like the Ford F-150.

"We at Smart love pick-ups – if they are small on the outside, large on the inside, very safe and extremely comfortable," Smart CEO Dr. Annette Winkler told CNN. "With the Smart For-Us a petrol station is no longer required!"

The For-Us is still in the concept stages, and Smart has only revealed concept sketches thus far. However, the brand plans to introduce a working model at next month's Detroit International Auto Show.

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