Sitcom star Jerry Seinfeld also a passionate car collector

April 25, 2014 12:00 AM

Jerry Seinfeld's famed and humorous career has taken several metamorphoses, beginning with the witty sitcom "Seinfeld," featuring the mundane hilarity of a group of friends living in New York. Cars have also played a significant role in Seinfeld's life, as his collection rivals that of any other Hollywood mogul.

Cars played an amusing role in the sitcom, with one memorable episode featuring a futile search for an errant car in a parking garage, while another places a humorous emphasis on what might have been Jon Voight's LeBaron. It will probably come as little surprise that Seinfeld's sitcom exploits correspond to a real-life love of cars.

Epic Porsche collection
According to, Seinfeld has 50 Porsches. Though auto repair is probably arduous, the comedian revels in his love of cars. According to the source, Seinfeld cannot fit all his vehicles in his home, so a special hanger at the Santa Monica airport stores part of his collection. 

Love of cars may have spurred on new series
Seinfeld's love of cars may have been an impetus of his ongoing show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," which began in 2012. The plot of the series features the funnyman in a classic car with another famous person, grousing together in hilarious fashion. One of the best parts about the show is its nonhierachichal structure, permitting more free-form and relaxed acting, which should be attractive to a television fan searching for a new show. 

Humorous stars on television show
Season three of the show featured episodes with Jay Leno, Tina Fey and Louie C.K., among others. Leno is also famed for his love of cars, so the conversation was benefited by the shared interests of the comedians, with the two comedy stalwarts no doubt eyeing each others' vehicles to judge who has the better tire alignment and fleet vehicle service, among other driving details. Tina Fey and Louie C.K. are two titans of contemporary comedy, so fans of Seinfeld's distinct brand of humor should check out the show to garner some humorous asides on cars and daily life. 

Seinfeld's collection of Porsches is reputed to be worth as much as $15 million, according to Wall St. Cheat Sheet. Surely easing the burden on a oil change, Seinfeld's automobile assemblage is merely one of many awe-inspiring celebrity collections developed from private tastes and a distinct driving style. 

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