Simple maintenance is difficult for most drivers

August 6, 2013 12:00 AM

What would you do if your car suddenly got a flat tire, oil leak or any other common problem? These days, the common answer is to take the car directly to an auto repair franchise for service, especially because many motorists lack the know-how to make simple repairs. 

A recent study from Warranty Direct found that more and more drivers struggle to complete basic vehicle maintenance. The Telegraph reports that approximately seven out of 10 drivers don't know how to check the oil level, while 9 percent of motorists are unaware of what to do to replace wiper blades or examine tires. Even simple things like changing out headlights take more than twice the time they used to. 

"The days of changing oil, filters and replacing light bulbs on the driveway are fast becoming a thing of the past - in some cases, they already are," Duncan McClure Fisher, of Warranty Direct, told The Telegraph. "New, more complicated technologies on cars are placing even more pressure on already strained household budgets." 

Regular drivers shouldn't feel too bad about their lack of knowledge, as things under the hood are more difficult for professionals as well. The advanced technology of car parts, along with the extra features that come with select vehicles, mean that it is harder to replace parts or repair problems. 

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