Several driving laws to change in 2013

January 9, 2013 12:00 AM

Drivers getting behind the wheel in 2013 should be aware of several new laws taking effect over the course of the New Year. States across the U.S. have a variety of legislation changing the rules of the road, and car owners from California to Maine will have some updated laws to contend with.

According to AOL Autos, texting while driving is once again legal in California, provided drivers use a hands-free device to send messages. This means technology like Apple's Siri or in-car connectivity systems will have to be used instead of the traditional phone-in-hand method of years past. The hope is that this will keep drivers' eyes on the road, thereby limiting the number of car accidents occurring and auto repair needed. Drivers will also be able to show police proof of insurance on a smartphone in lieu of carrying documents around with them.

In Maine, stricter requirements are being put in place for teen drivers. Whereas their permits were once in increments of six months, they have now been extended to nine, adding three months of extra practice time. Permit holders will still be unable to drive at night or with certain passengers, which may cut down on the number of accidents caused by young drivers. 

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