September auto sales increase

October 4, 2011 01:46 PM

New car sales rose through the month of September, with nearly all major automaker posting big gains compared to 2010.

Chrysler and General Motors both reported double-digit gains, with Chrysler up 27 percent and GM increasing sales by 20 percent, according to the Associated Press. Ford also had a nice month, with a nine percent increase over 2010. In general, the buying trends for the month favored domestic automakers. Pickup trucks, which most consider to be the strength of American automakers' fleets, were up big when compared to passenger vehicles.

Many believed that Honda and Toyota would post turnarounds this month, as they finally returned to full production after the Japanese earthquake. However, their figures were a bit disappointing, with Toyota's sales decreasing by 18 percent and Honda down 8 percent. Still, both automakers are in a better position going forward now that their factories are at full strength.

The outlook for the rest of the year remains positive. Many analysts believe that September is the beginning of pent-up demand for vehicles finally releasing, as many buyers have been putting off purchases waiting for deals, which are usually better at the end of the year.

If buyers are planning on putting off a vehicle purchase, they need to keep in mind that their current car's overall health is extremely important. Paying attention to things like brake service, oil changes and overall car maintenance can help a vehicle last a lot longer, until the buyer is in the financial position to make a new purchase.

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