Seinfeld to star in Acura commercial

January 31, 2012 12:00 AM

It's already been revealed that Honda shelled out the big bucks getting Matthew Broderick to appear in a Super Bowl ad that spoofs "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," but Broderick wasn't the only celebrity Honda got for its commercials. The automaker's luxury Acura brand will also have the Hollywood touch, as Autoblog revealed that Jerry Seinfeld will be appearing in a new commercial.

Seinfeld is a well-known fan of Porsches, as the comedian has a large collection he has bought with syndication money from his hit TV show. However, the actor is apparently also a fan of Acura, especially the upcoming NSX.

The new NSX isn't slated for dealerships until 2015, but the concept car features prominently in the new commercial. Seinfeld says he hopes to be first in line for the car when it comes out, but becomes upset when another man has reserved the first NSX ahead of him. The commercial then goes through Seinfeld's attempts to get the first-in-line spot, which includes bringing back famous Seinfeld characters like the "Soup Nazi."

Some analysts are puzzled over Acura putting money into an ad that doesn't feature any of their current products, but it'll likely be one of the more memorable spots come Super Bowl Sunday.

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