"See the USA" in Glee's Chevrolet commercial

February 23, 2011 12:00 AM

Fans of the hit TV show "Glee" may have missed the Superbowl but they can still get a dose of the night's famous advertising specials.

Chevrolet hired the singers to perform in their new commercial "See the USA," which is actually a throw back to a ditty sung in Chevy commercials all the way back in 1949. Celebrities who have sung the tune include Dinah Shore and Pat Boone.

Lea Michele, the Broadway princess who plays Rachel in the FOX TV series, sings the lead vocals in the song and takes up most of the screen time as she twirls around in a white dress.

The song talks about how great it is to take a USA road trip in a Chevy. Whether you're "travelin' east" or "travelin' west," this song really knows how to get a jingle stuck in your head.

Other ridiculous lyrics include: "The Rockies way out west are calling you / Drive your Chevrolet through the U.S.A., / Where fields of golden wheat pass in review." Why "pass in review? Who knows?!

No reports yet on how the Glee version of "See the USA" has helped or destroyed Chevy's sales.

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