Scion launches new marketing campaign

September 28, 2012 12:00 AM

Scion is looking to get drivers to tell their own stories with the launch of the new "What Moves You" campaign. The new campaign will encourage drivers to tell their own "Scion Story."

The Scion Story will help to showcase the brand's history and core beliefs. Scion has always supported young artists, and part of the insight into the automaker's story will highlight these same creative minds and show how Scion has helped to support them, whether it be through funding for the arts or simply by offering a tune up

"People know that Scion makes iconic vehicles that are built with the highest level of quality, but they might not know what Scion stands for and what makes it unique," said Doug Murtha, Scion's vice president. "We're truly proud to showcase the brand's story in the new campaign, to clearly tell people who we are, what we support and more importantly, what moves us."

According to Advertising Age, this new campaign represents a shift in focus to a more serious, mature market segment. By using real people and real stories, Scion will be emphasizing its commitment to customer service and growth, all the while using a more emotional and gender-neutral campaign. 

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