Save money on repairs with routine vehicle maintenance

May 12, 2011 12:00 AM

With the rising cost of gas these days, it is not likely that drivers have the extra funds to set aside for vehicle repair in the event of an emergency. However, car owners can do their best to avoid the need for repairs by properly maintaining their autos with a regular tune up, oil change and routine wash.

Keeping up with the maintenance of your car not only keeps up its efficiency, but also lessens the probability that something will go wrong. It's the same idea as going to the gym or exercising to maintain your body's health - a vehicle works hard and owners must take good care of them.

Drivers should make sure to wash their cars on a regular basis to remove the dirt, mud and other residue that they're exposed to on the road. Excessive buildup could hinder the car's performance, so it is important to head to an automatic carwash to clean out the nooks and crannies of the exterior and underside. Most importantly, washing the under carriage gets rid of salt, which drivers in snow belt states are sure to understand. 

Following a good cleaning, car owners may want to finish the process with a coat of protective wax, which will prevent having to pay later for any damage from wind, sun, rain and other elements.

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