Saab may bounce back from bankruptcy

February 23, 2012 12:00 AM

The recession caused a number of automobile manufacturers to close their doors, including brands like Pontiac, Mercury and Hummer. The latest casualty is Swedish automaker Saab, which filed for bankruptcy last month. Yet it may not be the last time a vehicle with the Saab logo is built, according to Autoblog.

The news source reports that several unidentified companies are thought to be interested in buying Saab. The Saab enthusiast blog SaabsUnited says that 6 or 7 companies are preparing to submit bids to the Swedish bankruptcy court. The court has said that the winning company will not be the one that offers the most money, but the company with the best brand for bringing Saab back from the dead.

One of the companies is said to be headquartered in Munich, Germany, leading Autoblog to speculate that BMW could be interested in the company. This would make sense, as the luxury automaker has expressed interest in fuel-efficient front-wheel drive vehicles in the past, which is primarily what Saab made.

Those who own an old Saab should be sure to invest in auto maintenance in order to keep their vehicle in top condition. With the vehicles becoming much tougher to find now that Saab is bankrupt, it's possible that they could one day be worth quite a bit of money.

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