Route 93 carves a beautiful path through Idaho and Montana

August 9, 2011 12:00 AM

Route 93 runs north-south through Idaho and Montana and offers drivers some of the prettiest scenery in the country. In fact, Reader's Digest highlighted this area, also known as "Salmon-Bitterroot Country," as one of the Most Scenic Drives in America.

As you head north through Idaho on Route 93, you'll pass through the beautiful Sawtooth National Forest, which is named for the Sawtooth Mountains. Here you'll begin to follow the Salmon River, which is the longest free-flowing waterway in the country.

The river continues on until it reaches Salmon, which is appropriately-named. Whether you love wildlife or want to get in on a whitewater rafting trip, this is a great town for travelers to pass through.

Continuing north, you'll eventually hit Bitterroot National Forest as you pass into Montana. The city of Missoula will likely be the first sign of civilization, but given the sheer beauty of this area, the vast wilderness is nothing to complain about.

The one thing that drivers should remember before exploring Route 93 is that this area is pretty remote, and the major towns are pretty far apart from each other. Nobody would want to deal with an automotive problem out in this part of the country, so those who plan to hit the road should definitely invest in vehicle inspections and make sure that their tires are in top shape before they set out.

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