Route 66 tourist stops for car lovers

July 22, 2014 12:00 AM

If you are looking to set off on a road trip and are thinking about setting out on the famous Route 66, be prepared for a quirky trip down a historically significant path. Perhaps you've been planning this trip for a while and? you're already well-prepared. Your local auto repair franchise has checked over your vehicle, okaying it for long-distance travel, and now the car is packed and ready to go. If you are a car fanatic, or just appreciate automobile history, keep these interesting and quirky stops in mind as you hit the road.

Route 66 has a strong historical significance and stretches between Chicago and Los Angeles. Road Trip USA reported that the route was used by hundreds of thousands of families seeking to escape the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression, and later was followed by families after World War II that were seeking a better life in California.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum
Profile America profiled the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, located in Clinton, Oklahoma, as the best museum devoted to the highway. The museum is great for car lovers. It showcases many different vintage cars and has an indoor drive-in theater. This is the perfect place to experience the real history behind the Route 66 experience. The price to get into the museum is only $4 for adults.

Cadillac Ranch
As you enter the famous town of Amarillo, Texas, you have to check out the Cadillac Ranch. Ten Cadillacs rise out of the ground, buried nose-first in the Texas dirt. This car-inspired art was created in 1974 by the ranch's owner, Stanley Marsh. After regularly being defaced, it is now a tradition for visitors to bring spray cans and add their own artistic touch to the cars, according to Roadside America. This is another interesting stop for car lovers, although the site of a historic Cadillac spray-painted and half-buried might be too much for those who appreciate the beauty of vintage cars.

U-Drop Inn
Although not directly car-related, the U-Drop Inn is a green old fashioned gas station/restaurant that has been restored to its historic glory. Located in Shamrock, Texas, this Route 66 stop has been open since 1936, according to the town's economic development cooperation. Any antique car fanatic is sure to be interested in checking out a historic gas station that matches the era of some of their favorite cars. Too bad it's not still in operation, as everyone would appreciate some historical 1936 gas prices while driving across the country.

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