Route 12 is your entry to Bryce Canyon

August 23, 2011 12:00 AM

The Bryce Canyon area in southern Utah is one of the most visually stunning areas in the entire country. In fact, Route 12, which cuts through Bryce Canyon National Park, was named one of the Most Scenic Drives in America by Reader's Digest.

Those who make the trip out to this part of the country will be rewarded with absolutely gorgeous vistas. Bryce Canyon isn't exactly a canyon in the traditional sense of the word. Erosion has carved into the landscape, but there's not one crack through the earth like in many other places.

One of the better sights to check out in Bryce Canyon are the numerous "hoodoos." These rock formations rise up out of the ground in odd fashions and give the landscape a truly unique look. Bryce Canyon is famous for these formations, which are uncommon in other parts of the country.

Unfortunately, flat tires can end a dream vacation in a hurry. Nobody wants to be driving around a remote area like Bryce Canyon when they realize that their vehicle isn't up to snuff. With a little preparation beforehand, drivers can ensure that their trip goes off without a hitch. 

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