Ron Artest receives tricked out Hyundai from George Lopez

May 9, 2011 12:00 AM

Ron Artest, small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, is likely moping around today after suffering an embarrassing playoff elimination at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks last night, but at least he's got a new car to keep him company.

The Lakers are in the news today for their unexpected early exit in the NBA Playoffs, which is made all the worse considering that they're the defending champs. Artest's team lost four straight to the Mavericks, including last night's 36-point blowout that's sure to weigh heavily on the minds of Laker fans all summer.

It's a summer that Artest will likely be experiencing in his new Hyundai Genesis, which was recently given to him by TV host George Lopez. When Artest first appeared on "Lopez Tonight," the subject turned to the beautiful Rolls Royce Phantom. Artest claimed he'd be okay with a Hyundai.

Lopez apparently remembered and got the crew at Platinum Motorsports to outfit a brand-new Genesis with a special Laker trim. The host then presented Artest with the car when he returned to the show. Additions like purple-and-gold seats, headlights, rims and more make the car thoroughly unique.

Apparently Artest appreciated the gesture, because he didn't simply stick the car in his garage behind his more expensive whips. Celebrity Cars Blog spotted the basketball player taking the Genesis out for a ride at a trendy L.A. restaurant.

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