Rob Dyrdek successfully "kickflips" a Chevy Sonic

December 20, 2011 12:00 AM

Professional skateboarder and occasional stunt driver Rob Dyrdek needed a death-defying stunt for the season premiere of his MTV reality show "Fantasy Factory," so he turned to the world of automobiles. Dyrdek took a trick from skateboarding - the kickflip - and decided to try and see if he could accomplish the same thing in a car.

The kickflip is essentially when a rider spins their board 360 degrees on its side while in the air. In a car it basically amounts to the same thing as the "barrel roll" that many fighter pilots are trained to do. Dyrdek partnered with Chevrolet to try the stunt in the all-new Sonic, and went to Six Flags Magic Mountain so he could have an audience.

Dyrdek hit the ramp on two wheels to cause the car to spin on its side, and successfully completed the stunt, launching himself over a giant skateboard in the process.

"A kickflip with a Chevy Sonic was a no-brainer," said Dyrdek in a press release. "I am a Chevy guy from my '69 Camaro to the Tahoe I drive every day. The Sonic's power and sportiness made it the perfect vehicle for this awesome stunt."

Obviously, this isn't a stunt that anyone should try on their own, as Dyrdek is a professional and the car was specially-equipped for safety. Normal drivers can keep their cars safe by keeping up with their auto maintenance.

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