Relationships with cars are like those with other people, survey finds

June 4, 2013 12:00 AM

Feeling close with your car isn't anything new, and according to a new survey from, it's a completely normal attachment to forge. In fact, the Automotive Relationship Survey found that many people tend to create relationships with their vehicles that mirrors how they interact with others. 

More than 70 percent of people felt at least somewhat attached to their cars, with 36 percent saying the vehicle was like an old friend. Common reasons to bond with an automobile include how it looks, the adventures individuals have shared with it and how it drives. 

"The emotional attachment people feel for their cars is interesting, but not completely surprising," said Dr. Michelle Callahan, a life coach and relationship expert. "In addition to the large financial investment, a car can become a significant emotional investment - it's there with them for major milestones in their lives like weddings, new babies and graduations, and it's literally the 'vehicle' that makes being physically present in these moments possible." 

A large number of people also reported feeling sad about the thought of parting ways with their car. With the help of proper vehicle maintenance, drivers can do their best to make sure they're spending time with their automobiles for as long as possible. 

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