Recent changes in car design affects auto repair costs

September 9, 2013 12:00 AM

In recent years, the auto industry has made a move toward vehicles that are smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient. While this is great for drivers looking to save money at the pump, the change in materials used is having more significant effects when auto repair is needed. The unique materials used in the frames of cars frequently results in more time consuming and costly car repair, USA Today reported. 

"The consumer needs to understand the new vehicle they bought has specific requirements that need to be met to be as safe when they get it back from repair as it was before the accident," Doug Irish, the president of VeriFacts Automotive, told the news source. 

Part of the reason these fixes are taking more time and costing more money is because the supplies are in high demand. Aluminum, carbon fiber and high-strength steel are harder for an auto repair franchise to work with and remold, and they often require unique tools to complete the projects. 

Until professionals get used to working with and repairing new materials, drivers should come to terms with the fact that their cars may be in the shop a bit longer than they would have liked. However, for the safest and most comprehensive maintenance, drivers should comply with the recommended course of action. 

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