Rappers' rides: What hip-hop stars are driving

May 13, 2014 12:00 AM

One thing hip-hop fans are always wondering is what vehicles are parked in their favorite artists' garages. With a big bank account and a reputation to uphold, star rappers have been known to have relatively flashy rides. Some have extensive automobile collections, while others maintain a more humble selection that demands less vehicle maintenance. Regardless, quality and exclusivity are all usually major factors in their car choices. 

So what are you likely to spot these hip-hop heavyweights cruising in? Here's the scoop on what these celebs are driving.

Kanye West
It's no secret that West appreciates the finer things in life - from his wardrobe to his vacations, he's been known to go all out. The International Business Times reported that the self-proclaimed "Yeezus" shelled out $2.4 million for not one, but two Prombron Iron Diamonds by Dartz Motorz. He didn't just opt for these vehicles for looks, either. The luxury armored automobiles come with added security as well, featuring a shorter base and three doors to prevent hijacking and kidnapping. A source noted that this auto purchase was all in an attempt to keep his high-profile family out of harm's way. West also apparently decided to buy his baby daughter a stylish ride as well. According to Us magazine, he gave North West a mini Lamborghini for Christmas that looks just like her dad's.

Jay Z
Considering the fact that Jay Z is one of the richest people in the world, it makes sense that his vehicles would come with jaw-dropping price tags. The Richest reported that his Maybach Exelero is actually one of the costliest cars in Hollywood, ringing up to a whopping $8 million. The source noted that it bears a striking resemblance to the Batmobile, can reach 218 mph and is also capable of going from 0-60 mph in just 4.44 seconds - which is impressive since it weighs 2.66 tons. You might not catch a glimpse of Mr. Carter driving this covetable car on the street, but you can still get a look in his music video for "Lost One." 

There's a good chance Ludacris' vehicle of choice will shock you - and not because it's some outlandish and expensive model. In fact, quite the opposite - in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the star of the "Fast and the Furious" franchise revealed that he still drives around in a 1993 Acura Legend that he's owned since before he hit it big. Autoblog pointed out that since the rapper has enough funds for his own private jet, it's pretty surprising that he's stuck with the old Acura. Still, he admitted that he not only rides around in it regularly, but also often scribbles down new tracks in it. 

50 Cent
When 50 Cent struck fame in 2003 with "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," it was time for a new set of wheels. According to Forbes, the rapper first celebrated his success by leasing a Mercedes-Benz C240  for his grandmother. Then he went out and gave himself a gift, too: A Rolls-Royce Phantom. Still, he's come a long way in the past decade. Now, the source revealed that 50 Cent's net worth is an eye-opening $125 million. The hip-hop star currently owns two bulletproof Chevrolet Suburbans worth $200,000 each, which were originally designed for the War in Iraq. He also purchased a $300,000 Lamborghini Murcielago, which was painted charcoal gray and given a sleek chrome finish.

Fans of Birdman are well aware of his penchant for uber-luxury cars. In fact, The Richest reported that he frequently posts photos of himself driving around in his favorite ride, a Bugatti Veyron. It's no surprise that the Cash Money Records CEO would boast about the vehicle, as the source explained that its value is nearly $2 million. The worth isn't the only impressive aspect of this automobile, either. According to The Richest, it's also one of the speediest legal street cars in existence. 

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