Ralph Lauren's infatuation with cars

April 25, 2014 12:00 AM

The fashion designer Ralph Lauren - who has created funky and memorable stylish apparel - also has a reported love of cars. According to Wall Street Cheat Sheet, Lauren has assembled a prominent collection of cars over the years, displaying the famous fashion designers ease at shifting between the world of fashion and automobiles. 

The source noted the many arcane and rare cars Lauren has been able to track down for his collection. These include a 1929 Bentley Blower, Jaguar Roadsters and a Bugatti Type 37 Atlantic, among others. Fans of classic cars may be pondering how Lauren can track down a garage that will undertake auto repair on the classic Bentley, but then again, a car like this is probably designed to be treasured, rather than driven to international fashion shows.

I've always seen cars as art - moving art," said Lauren, according to Architectural Digest, "My Lamborghini Reventón reminds me of an incredibly sleek sculpture, or the explosive architecture of a modern master like Frank Gehry. Others collect art, but for me owning a rare and magnificently designed car offers a different kind of experience."

Many fashion fans may not be surprised at Lauren's love of cars, given the beautiful symmetry he constructs in his fashion designs, as craftsmanship and skill is necessary in both the fields of fashion and automobiles. 

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