Prepping the car for holiday travel

December 24, 2011 12:00 AM

The national motor club AAA recently reported that approximately 800,000 drivers will require roadside assistance this holiday season, as millions of drivers hit the road to visit friends and family. Nobody wants to break down while they're traveling for the holidays, and fortunately there are some things that drivers can do to ensure they stay on the road.

Driving in snow can be tricky, as many vehicles lose traction when things get icy. This is why it's a good idea to purchase new tires before hitting the road this winter. Whether you're simply updating your existing tires to get rid of tread wear or upgrading to a true set of winter tires, this can make all the difference when traveling in inclement weather.

Another piece of easy auto maintenance is taking care of the wiper blades. Driving through a snowstorm is bad enough, but it's made worse when wipers are not performing at their best. A new set of wiper blades is easy to install and can greatly improve visibility.

Of course, the inside of the car needs attention and care as well. A radiator flush & fill is a good service to look into for drivers who want to keep their vehicle in tip-top shape this holiday season.

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