Preparation is key for driving in winter weather

February 22, 2013 12:00 AM

Areas all across the U.S. have been experiencing extreme winter weather. Blizzards, massive snowstorms, high winds and rain are wreaking havoc on drivers everywhere, and people need to be aware of the best practices that can keep them save on the roads. 

"[Drivers should be] checking the tread depth on the tires, checking their tire pressure, anti-freeze and wiper blades," Ken Liner, an auto repair franchise worker, told Arkansas Matters. "A worn out tire is hard to drive on the ice. This is the time where if those tires need to be replaced, get them replaced now." 

AAA also recommends that drivers take care of certain aspects of vehicle maintenance during the winter season. Monitoring battery strength is key, as cold weather can limit the power it provides, and gas tanks should be kept at least half full to prevent freezing. 

Freezing temperatures can also impact doors and locks, making it difficult to even get in a car. If there is no garage or sheltered area to park in, consider using a tarp to protect the vehicle. Placing plastic bags between the closing door and frame should prevent the locks from sticking, as well. 

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