Practice safe driving during Halloween festivities

October 30, 2013 12:00 AM

Halloween is a fun holiday for many, but the festivities can also pose a danger to drivers. To avoid accidents and the car repair that goes along with them, be sure to brush up on some of the best practices for safe driving. 

In addition to driving slowly, particularly through residential neighborhoods, motorists are encouraged to plan out a route ahead of time to find the safest roads. Parents sending kids out for trick-or-treating should try to create larger groups, which are easier to spot, and they also may want to add bright or reflective material to costumes to make children more visible. 

"On Halloween, drivers need to be especially vigilant between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight, when pedestrians are most vulnerable," Sharon Gilmartin, an AAA research analyst, told The Car Connection. "While trick-or-treating, children may not pay attention to traffic and might cross mid-block or between parked cars, making them even more difficult to see in the dark." 

AAA also recommends that all adults celebrating the holiday select a designated driver before heading out. With so many people planning to be outdoors and on the streets to celebrate the day, having an unimpaired driver is extremely important and can make a major difference in the handling of a car. 

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