Practice defensive driving techniques to stay safe on the road

February 7, 2013 12:00 AM

While staying up-to-date on vehicle maintenance isn't the only way to stay safe on the roads. Sometimes drivers need to take their safety into their own hands - and this goes beyond getting a tune up to ensure the car is up to standards. People on the roads can practice some defensive driving techniques in order to protect themselves in any situation. 

The easiest way to prevent accidents, and the auto repair that follows, is to keep a safe distance between your car and the others on the road. Leave a minimum of a 2-second space in front of the vehicle, and increase this distance depending on time of day, speed, weather or road conditions.

"This is most likely the easiest and safest defensive driving tip anyone can put to use," said Mr. Collins, founder of Wireless Defensive Driving. "This simple technique has been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of collisions." 

According to AOL Autos, another tip drivers can take advantage of is eliminating distractions. This covers everything from texting or talking on the phone to avoiding drowsy driving, but by taking some precautions and allowing yourself to focus on the road, you can be better prepared to drive defensively. 

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