Porsche fans offered chance to satisfy their need for speed

June 10, 2014 12:00 AM

Hoffman Porsche in East Hartford, Connecticut, has rented out a local race track, Lime Rock Drivers Club, and is going to reward some of their best customers with the opportunity to test-drive its faster cars. Edmunds reports that two of the newest cars, including a 2014 Porsche Carrera 4S Cabriolet and a 2015 Porsche Macan S, will be available to drive.

The event take places June 27 and promises to be an impressive and exciting experience.

"This event is tied to the racing heritage that Porsche has," Christian Miller, director of marketing and communications at Hoffman Auto Group, told Edmunds. "Our customers appreciate that heritage and (besides) how often can you take one around a professional track at speeds you're not accustomed to?"

Participants will get an experience they could never normally have. Sports car owners often don't get the chance to push their expensive cars to their racing speeds. After all, the speed limit on public roads is the same for a Porsche as it would be for a Civic.

Despite the invitation for participants to push normal speed limit boundaries, the track still takes precautions. Automotive news reported that drivers are split into three groups: those with experience, those with some experience and people with no experience. In addition, they suggest customers driving their own cars buy track insurance to protect their sports vehicles. When the racing begins, drivers are not allowed to pass each other without a hand signal and the track does not keep drivers times. This prevents drivers from getting competitive and racing with each other.

Hoffman Porsche buys insurance to protect their own cars and will have plenty of spare tires to replace the ones burnt out on the track. Anyone taking part in this event or a similar one will also want to make sure they invest in a car tune up beforehand, as something like brake repair could be of tremendous importance in a high-speed environment. 

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