Porsche and VW showcase their strengths at Qatar auto show

February 14, 2011 12:00 AM

While the Qatar Motor Show might not be as popular as the Detroit or Geneva spectacle, there was no shortage of fascinating new cars and enthusiasm last month, reports MSN Autos.

Porsche and Volkswagen were the big stars of the festival, which debuted a number of futuristic-looking sport cars and a racing SUV that has a high-power quality.

Starting with Volkswagen was the XL1 concept, a two-door vehicle with doors that raise open instead of swing horizontally. In addition, the small hood and eye-shaped headlights gave the vehicle a distinctly cool vibe - not to mention its silver metallic paint job.

In addition, the German automaker showcased its Race Touareg, known for its ability to travel well in a variety of harsh conditions including high altitude and carrying heavy cargo. A Gold Edition version of the Touareg also debuted.

An exclusive Middle East edition of the Porsche Panamera, painted in Carrara White Metallic, has red leather seats and uses 20-inch Porsche 911 Turbo II wheels among other Alcantara interior designs. Porsche made only 66 models, all of which are reportedly sold out.

Other brands such as Lexus, Toyota and Lamborghini were at the four-day show, but it was VW and Porsche that stole the spotlight.

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