People are confident in their winter driving abilities, survey shows

December 11, 2013 12:00 AM

Drivers are consistently warned about the dangers of driving in rough winter conditions, but it seems not everyone thinks they need these updates. A recent survey from PEMCO Insurance found that the majority of motorists consider themselves to be skilled at driving in snow or on ice, even despite visual evidence to the contrary. 

The survey, which centered around drivers in the Northwest, showed that four out of five drivers think they are on par with or more skilled than others on the road when it comes to driving in the winter. That overwhelming confidence may be why less than half of drivers carry tools like snow chains for tires - they don't believe they need them to successfully navigate the roads. 

These positive results may be surprising for some, especially considering the typical chaos that clutters all roads in the U.S. when a storm hits.

"Despite what we may see on the streets, drivers around here definitely seem to have plenty of self-confidence - perhaps showing they think their skills and comfort driving in snow keep them from needing tire chains," said Jon Osterberg, a spokesperson for PEMCO. 

Although some motorists are certainly capable of handling the demands of winter driving, all should be sure to get an auto tune up before the weather gets worse. Simply having a car that is operating at a high level can make a major difference on the roads and keep everyone safe. 

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