Paul McCartney's Aston Martin sells for $495,000

November 5, 2012 12:00 AM

Famed musician and former Beatles member Paul McCartney's 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was auctioned off this weekend in London, and the car managed to draw in $495,000, before fees, in its sale.

AutoBlog reports that the vehicle, which is the first Aston Martin McCartney owned, was purchased by the icon just before he went on tour with The Beatles in 1964 and shortly after his band's famous appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." He drove it for the next six years and accrued about 40,000 miles. According to Business Insider, the vehicle has had four different owners since McCartney sold it in 1970

The Sierra Blue automobile has gone through numerous rounds of car repair to keep it in top condition. It features a 280-horsepower engine and a black interior with music notes stitched into it. In addition, it boasts a Motorola radio and a special Phillips Auto-Mignon record player, which was once used to play 45s on the road.

This vehicle isn't the first former ride of a Beatle to sell for a large price tag. George Harrison's 1964 DB5 sold for about $200,000 less than McCartney's, but a Ferrari 330 GT driven by John Lennon is expected to sell for a larger amount once the car hits the auction block. 

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