Parents, teens have different perceptions of the road

June 14, 2013 12:00 AM

Much of what young drivers learn on the road comes from their parents. A recent survey commissioned by Ford looked at just how these two groups view each other as drivers, as well as the steps they take to remain focused and in control when in an automobile. 

The results of the study show that many drivers - both parents and teens - are wrongly informed about a few key elements on the road. For one, many believe that the winter months are the most dangerous time of year to get behind the wheel, when in reality driving in summer poses the biggest threat thanks to the sheer number of people in traffic.

There are also differences between how parents drive and how they want their kids to behave behind the wheel. While the vast majority of adults are concerned about unsafe driving in young people, only 26 percent of parents take advantage of a safety device to reinforce positive habits. Technology like Ford's MyKey, which aims to limit distractions and focus attention on the roads, can help any driver remain safe. 

Ultimately, many different elements must come together to keep motorists in control of their cars. While avoiding distractions is a must, so is teaching young drivers about the basics of auto repair - or at least enough to get them safely to an auto repair franchise

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