Pacific Coast Highway has lots to offer

June 30, 2011 12:00 AM

As far as famous roads go, it doesn't get much better than California's iconic Pacific Coast Highway, which has been delighting visitors to the Golden State for more than 75 years.

Also known as California Route 1, this famous stretch of highway tightly hugs the California coast, offering some of the most beautiful coastal vistas in America, according to Reader's Digest. The highway also passes through the majority of the key California cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. This makes it perfect for those planning a vacation who want to see everything California has to offer.

The attractions in these cities are well publicized, but they're far from the only things to do along the highway. A wide range of state parks and nature preserves are located just off the highway, and many are well-worth a driver's time. Muir Woods National Monument in particular has an impressive grouping of California redwoods, some of which grow beyond 250 feet tall. Of special note here is Muir Woods' Cathedral Grove, a breathtaking sight that has to be seen to be believed.

Other stops that drivers may want to consider include Point Reyes National Coastline, MacKerritcher State Park and Van Damme State Park.  

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