Obama's next car: A Chevrolet Volt

February 29, 2012 12:00 AM

President Obama isn't allowed to drive himself while he's in office, but the Commander-In-Chief recently told the United Auto Workers what vehicle he's had his eye on for the past few years.

Referring to a visit to a Detroit factory in 2010, Obama said he was able to sit in one of the very first Chevrolet Volts. The Secret Service did not allow Obama to take the car for a test spin, but the President vowed to own one himself in the future, according to The New York Times.

"I got to get inside a brand-new Chevy Volt fresh off the line - even though Secret Service wouldn't let me drive it," he said during his speech. "But I liked sitting in it. It was nice. I'll bet it drives real good. And five years from now, when I'm not President any more, I'll buy one and drive it myself. Yes, that's right."

The President has the luxury of a motorcade ready for him whenever he wants, but those who own cars have to keep up with their own auto maintenance. Regular tune-ups and oil changes can help ensure that vehicles stay in top condition.

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